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Crissy's F1 Sheepadoodle Puppies DOB 9/2/2022

Crissy came to us from Texas. She is a beautiful light brown merle Parti Standard Poodle. She has been raised here with us since she was delivered as a puppy. Everyone knows our handsome Bash.

When we brought Crissy over to the nursery, I was guessing maybe 7-8 puppies? She was no doubt pregnant, but she wasn't huge indicating to me we were expecting a large litter. However, early in the morning of the 2nd she started delivering and had all 11 puppies within 5 hours. She is such a good mom. Pups were born small but all are thriving. Where she put them all, I've yet to figure out. Another beautiful litter! Enjoy the photos!

Since my daughter and her family have been living with us until they build their house here on the farm, including our 2 year old Granddaughter, Cocomelon has become a frequent background sound and a fairly enjoyable children's series in our home. Hence, below is our Cocomelon Litter. And yes, I had to use a couple of "boys" names for our overabundance of girls.

All puppies are $2000. Deposit required to reserve a puppy. Request on a first come, first serve basis.

Photos of both parents are featured below the puppies.



1. Alexander - Chose "JJ"

2. Kim Williams - Chose "Bella"

3. Charity Woods - Chose "CeCe"

4. Joe & Lindsay Greenwood - Chose "Cody"

5. Grace & Fred Ensle - Chose "YoYo"

6. Bill and Peggy McNeely - Chose "Ello"

7. Diana Izrailova - Chose "TomTom"

8. Cassie Sampson - Chose "Nico"

9.. Scot Hahn - Chose "Nina" (returning customer)

10. Sarah Kopczynski - Chose "Ms. Appleberry"

11. Nancy Duckwitz - Chose "Mochi"

We also have a Zelle account if you do as well that you have the option of processing the $300 deposit without a fee. Please contact us directly via email for the contact information for our Zelle account. Thank you!


Meet our beautiful Crissy, AKC Standard Poodle who joined our family from Texas as a puppy. Her DOB is 7/08/2020. This is her first litter and she is an excellent mom to 11 puppies! What she does not like is having her picture taken. I'm convinced she purposely looks away from the camera, but also enjoys giving me hugs making a snapshot impossible.

And meet our handsome Bash, AKC Old English Sheepdog. DOB 9/18/2019. Yes, he does have blue eyes, which we did not know when we chose him at just a few days old. However, he doesn't often throw blue eyes, even if bred to a Merle. All of our OES are DNA negative for the Merle gene in addition to other health screening via DNA.

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