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Great Mountainees Doodles, F1B - DOB 11/11/22
ONLY 1 GIRL LEFT!!!! (currently on HOLD!)

Well, 2022 has definitely made us feel as if we are a broken record. After almost 15 years, the lack of recent control of the timing of our litters has been frustrating to say the least. Despite checking our girls within the pack several times a week, we found ourselves blindsided with split and silent heats what seemed more often than we should much to our dismay.

It is well known within the breeding industry that "legumes" added to most dog kibble can cause fertility issues within a breeding program. For that reason, we have been using the same food for several years purposely chosen because "peas" and other legumes were omitted. It definitely limits our options and we still maintain searching for a good quality food for our dogs. 

Last year, our "tried and true" and been "recalled" for likely trivial reasons (as are most), but we changed foods to another trusted, more expensive brand which also omits legumes. Once our "tried and true" returned to the market, naturally we gravitated back to it as it had always served us well. Nothing led us to believe they would have "changed" their formula as too many dog food companies seem to do...and without any notification. 

Praise God one of our longtime breeding friends posted their discovery (they used the same brand) and the puzzle began to come together. It was our food. They changed the formula and had added peas. We believe this is what was contributing to our silent and split heats, in addition to our most recent failed breeding with two proven parents.

Although our unexpected litters have been born healthy and our parents remain healthy, the uncertainty with the timing of our program had to come to a stop! We immediately made the change to another trusted, and as previously mentioned, more pricey food.....but we must do what we must do.

And our latest "surprise" is pictured below. They are our Veteran's Day Litter. They are F1B Great Mountainees Doodles....and they are gorgeous! The parents are our very own Fancy (2nd time mom), 1st Generation Great Mountainees Doodle born here and Grant, our gorgeous Merle Parti Standard Poodle. Although a lesser known Doodle breed (please read "Our Breeds" page for more information), they have proven to be an awesome blend and dogs for a number of our families in recent years. They are a bit quieter and more laid back than our Sheepadoodles and have luscious coats. 

Our price for our Great Mountainees is $1500. We have remained conservative with their pricing until the breed is better known. Even as we entered the Sheepadoodle market, our first litter almost 12 years ago, they were virtually unknown and a challenge to market, but they grew in popularity quite quickly for obvious reasons. 

These are tough times for most. No doubt, a puppy is an added expense. However, the unconditional love and joy they bring is priceless even in the worst of times. 


1. Paige Beichner - Deposit Confirmed - CHOSE VALOR (Brown)

2. Arya Shah - Deposit Confirmed - CHOSE ACCOLADES (Green)

3. Monte & Vanessa Small - Deposit Confirmed - CHOSE LOYALTY (Red)

4. Courtney - Deposit Confirmed  CHOSE GLORY (Pink Collar ) 

5. Cindy Ring - PIF - CHOSE PEACE (No Collar)

6. April Malek - CHOSE PRIDE - (Lt. Blue Collar)

7. Lauren Buonomo -  CHOSE FREEDOM - (Yellow Collar)

8. Sharon Borst - CHOSE GLITTER - (White Collar)

9. Gladys - Deposit Confirmed CADENCE - (Purple Collar)


11. Jacquelyn - Deposit Confirmed -BATON - (Dk. Blue)

12. Jeff Marsh - PIF - CHOSE BOOTS - (Grey Collar)

Deposit Confirmed from Lauren Buonomo for one of 

the three remaining females - Choice TBD soon!


DEPOSIT TO HOLD FOR A PUPPY IS $300 ($312 via Square w/transaction fee)


We also have the option of Zelle w/o the transaction fee.


Option of Venmo for Deposits Only.


For Zelle, contact is our cell phone


Venmo contact is Tina Law@Tina-Law-2


"Glitter" (Female) - White Collar


"Grandeur" (Female) - Orange Collar 

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