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How we began……

At the ring of the new year in January 2008, I would have never imagined 6 days later we would be driving south to pick up a pair of beautiful AKC Standard Poodles, the beginning of our breeding business, Fanny & Bear.  Fanny was bred and due to deliver her first litter within 3 weeks.  We never had time to think twice about our decision for our new endeavor.  We trusted The Lord to guide us, as we believe He opened this door for us to fulfill our desire to build our lives around our love of dogs.  

Despite the continued critcism from “purists”, our desire was to breed Doodles, specifically the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle.  After a little searching, we found our first F1 Labradoodle boy, Winston.  All of the parents I have mentioned have since retired to their forever homes.   Winston was a Brown Labradoodle, and we then acquired our first Brown Standard Poodle, Hershey.  After 4 beautiful litters of F1B Labradoodles together, Hershey is now retired and living her life out here with our family.  She is one of my best buddies, and quickly jumps in bed with me in the morning as soon as my husband is up.

It seems when you first begin any type of business, you can never do enough research and or restrain your desire to keep building and coming up with new ideas.  We ventured into the “Parti’s” with our Standard Poodles, as well as our second generation Labradoodles and our beloved Goldendoodles.  In the summer of 2009, we stumbled upon the idea of Sheepadoodles like many do….on the world wide web. We started our research on the Old English Sheepdog, as we knew little of the breed at the time.  It took us almost a year before we found our beloved Yoggi, who joined our family as a puppy in early summer, 2010.  We already had Parti Standard Poodle girls in our program.  In May of 2011, we had our first litter of Sheepadoodles sired by Yoggi, and the rest is history.  It was a bit of a surprise to us, but even then and up to now, there is quite a demand for this wonderful breed, especially as people become more and more familiar with their fabulous traits and ability to adapt to all types of families, including families with small children.  With the silliness of the Old English it is so well known for combined with the incredible athletics and intelligence of the Standard Poodle, they make a wonderful blend for a wonderful dog.  Both breeds are non-shedding/allergy friendly, therein, there is no need to go to further generations like other Doodle breeds. We only breed 1st generation Sheepadoodles.

We have since retired our Goldendoodle and Labradoodle program so that we did not stretch ourselves too thin between breeds.  Our puppies are usually spoken for by the time they are ready to go home.  With our Sheepadoodles, we have a waiting list.  Please click on the page for our Sheepadoodles for additional information about our current and upcoming litters. Our love and dedication is primarily now with our Sheepadoodles.  We may have an occasional litter of Old English Sheepdogs, so we can keep within our own breeding lines to maintain genetic soundness. Neither of our two OES boys are related to our OES girls. Although we have bred Standard Poodles in the past with wonderful success, likewise we will only be having a litter of purebred Standards once in a great while.  


Please feel free to contact us for additional information and a copy of our Sales Agreement for your review.  Thank you so much for visiting our site and taking the time to learn more about us and our dogs.  May God Bless!

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