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Special Note: As you will see below, we've been around this breed of Sheepadoodles, among other Doodle breeds in the past, for a long time. We were not the first Sheepadoodle breeder, but one of the earliest with few others at the time. Although I welcome competition, which is the American way, I do not welcome false information about myself or any of my fellow breeders. Social Media exacerbates this issue. Keyboard warriors have no limits to what they will post to intentionally hurt another, even if there is no truth behind their claims.

Should you inquire about us or our reputation from another source and become concerned about their response (always more to the story, I'm certain), please contact us directly to share your concerns and give us a chance to represent our own side of the story. We will always, and have always, stood behind our puppies, gone above and beyond for all of our families in the event of problems or concerns and helped re-home our puppies from families that run into life's obstacles without judgment.

Please request to join our private Sheepadoodle group, Sheepadoodles n More at Lawpdoodle K9 Manor, Est. 2008 to view the many posts from our wonderful, faithful families, many who have returned for another puppy from us, to learn who we really are. With the increase of online scams (trust me, I was a victim, I know) there is reason for everyone to be skeptical of online sales or looking for a healthy pet from a trusted breeder/source. I assure you, our TRUE reputation precedes us! May God Bless you and your family always and thank you for considering us as your breeder.  Tina Law, Owner Lawpdoodle K9 Manor


Originally composed mid-2011 upon arrival of our first litter, May 21, 2011

In mid-2009, I stumbled upon my first Sheepadoodle while perusing the internet.  The idea intrigued me.  We had already established ourselves as professional, licensed and responsible breeders of Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, as well as maintaining our line of beautiful AKC Standard Poodles.  I purchased as many books that I could find at the pet store, the book store and on the internet about the Old English Sheepdog to learn as much about the breed as possible.  I didn’t want to just jump into a breed without knowing more about their history, potential health issues and temperament.   In late summer 2009, we stumbled upon an ad for an Old English Sheepdog girl near our home, and I spontaneously decided to bring her to our family.  Fuzzy truly introduced us to the wonders of the Old English Sheepdog breed.  However, since we were unable to obtain satisfactory background for Fuzzy, we decided it was best to find her a permanent pet home.   We believed that her life had been improved when joining our family, and we wanted her to continue to have a wonderful life where she could be a beloved canine companion.   We are happy to say we found that for our Fuzzy, and we know she is happy.


Although often scrutinized, and not so nicely, by the “purists” out there, we had quickly learned to respect the wonderful Designer Breeds of our Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, and the idea of adding the Sheepadoodles just seemed natural for us, not to mention a bit exciting at the thought of something new and different.  In reading about various different breeds, including  purebred dogs, all are believed to be developed by several other breeds to create the breed we know now.   What an awesome combination of the intelligent, agile Standard Poodle and the clownish, lovable Old English Sheepdog!  Since we already had a wonderful selection of Standard Poodle parents in our program, having raised them from young puppies as well as retaining our own line, we only needed to find our stud to begin our new venture.  The idea that the Old English Sheepdog was already a non-shedding breed like the Standard Poodle  also eliminated the need to take the breed beyond 1st generation.  Since our first litter, we have noticed that the coats are consistent from puppy to puppy in each litter, eliminating the concern of whether it is “curly”, “wavy” or “fleecy” within the same litter.  There is no fear of one of the puppies having more or less shedding qualities than the other.  From a breeder’s standpoint, this is a good thing!


In our diligent search for the perfect dog to start our Sheepadoodle program, we found our beloved Yoggi, our AKC Old English Sheepdog stud, who joined our family in early June, 2010 as a puppy.  Yoggi came to us from a reputable OES breeder, who allowed us to come to her home and pick him up, as well as meet his brother and his parents.   He was such a huggable, lovable Teddy Bear!  Yoggi grew up as a house dog, and was always a very polite gentleman in the house, as well as a lovable goofball.  He always had a strong desire to run with the pack, and has become a wonderful addition to our family of doggies in the Doggy Manor.  


In May of 2011, almost 2 years after the beginning of our research to add Sheepadoodles to our breeding program, Yoggi blessed us with our first litter with our stunning Black & White AKC registered Standard Poodle, Phany. Yoggi has since sired additional litters for us with our beautiful Standard Poodle girl, Cricket (AKC Parti Factored Standard Poodle), and our lovely AKC Standard Parti girls, some who have since retired. 


We believe it is very important to have our dogs raised with us, whether born here, or purchased from a reputable breeder as a puppy.  This way, we feel confident in their health and temperament while being raised at Lawpdoodle Kennel.   We believe that certain genetic testing is important in screening our parents, and all of our puppies come with a 24 month genetic health guarantee…but more importantly, a lifetime of support.


As we patiently awaited our first litter of Sheepadoodles in the time of well over a year of researching this breed, we have noticed their popularity is spreading like wildfire.   Be careful in searching for the right breeder for your next puppy, and be sure that they took time to build upon the idea of the breed they are involved in…not just trying to quickly capitalize on their popularity.   We stand by each puppy that leaves here, and the health and welfare of our dogs and puppies far outweighs the importance of profit.  If at the end of the day, there is a little money left, it is a good feeling to be a rewarded for the hard work we do day in and day out.  Since leaving our dogs is next to impossible, it has been numerous years since our last vacation.  Now having grandchildren living in Florida, I year all too often to pick up and fly down to see them, but this business prohibits me to do so at my leisure.  This job is not for the faint of heart or anyone that just wants to go home at the end of the day, and collect a paycheck at the end of the week.  Despite the hard work and struggles, we love what we do and believe we are blessed with the opportunity to do what we do.  We do it for the dogs and we do it for the love we are able to share with their families.


All of our Sheepadoodle have a complete pedigree on file of each of their parents.  

May God Bless You!

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