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We currently have 3 Breeds of Doodles. Occasionally, we may have a litter of purebred Old English Sheepdogs and purebred Standard Poodles.

You can find a full description and history of each of our Doodle Breeds in the drop down menu of this page.



We were one of the original breeders of Sheepadoodles, our first litter arriving in May of 2011 after 2 years of preparation. We only breed the F1 (first generation) and Standard size (No mini's).


Our first litter arrived in 2015 after acquiring our first two Great Pyrenees girls, Shiloh and Bandi in the Summer of 2013. We breed F1's and F1B's, having kept back a couple of F1 girls from past litters.

Great Mountainees Doodles

Call me crazy, but this is a Doodle breed of my own creation. I was inspired after seeing a listing for the 50/50 cross between Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog. They were gorgeous! I immediately thought they would make a gorgeous Doodles! We bred our beautiful Shiloh with our newly acquired Bernese Mountain Dog, Bosley (upon maturity) and our first and only litter of Great Mountainees was born in early March of 2018.  We coined the name inspired by the West Virginia University Mountaineers. Both of our children, now adults with children of their own, are Alumni of WVU. We kept two girls from that litter, Peanut and Peaches. In late summer of 2019, Peanut gave us our first litter of F1 Great Mountainees Doodles. After retiring both Peaches and Peanut, we now only offer the F1B generation.

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