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In late 2014 while searching for another Great Pyrenees to add to our program for Pyredoodles, I ran across a beautiful puppy of extraordinary colors under the GP category. Upon further research, I discovered this puppy and its gorgeous siblings were actually a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Great Pyrenees.

The breeder wheels started turning. I thought, "What a fabulous Doodle this mix would make!" When I reach out to a fellow breeder to purchase a puppy for our program, I am always upfront about my intentions and that I am also a breeder. However, I also respect if they decide not to sell one of their puppies for breeding purposes. As Doodle breeders, we get that a lot from Purebred breeders. No hard feelings. We just move along.

I did reach out to this particular breeder of what we have now coined "Great Mountainees" (they had a different name for them) and hence our "Great Mountainees Doodles", however I received no response.

The name of our newly created Doodle of three fabulous breeds was inspired by our West Virginia University "Mountaineers". Both of our children are alumni of WVU.

I then thought, I have two gorgeous mature and proven Great Pyrenees girls, I can make my own! All I need is a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog boy! And along came our gorgeous Bosley in early 2015.

We started Bosley in our home when we brought him to us as a puppy. We are limited the amount of males we can have within our pack. I had a thought about a Guardian home, but it is not something I've been comfortable with for our program for numerous reasons.

My brother and his family were still living within a few short hours from us in Maryland. They had an older Rhodesian Ridgeback who was suffering with DM and on borrowed time. Prior to getting their RB years before, they had seriously considered the BMD breed. I knew the heartbreak especially my brother faced in saying goodbye to their beloved Kosmo. Maybe bringing a puppy to their home would ease that inevitable time ahead. 

And so Bosley moved to Maryland to be raised up as a handsome dog. He now enjoys retirement with my brother and his wife in their gorgeous semi-retirement home on the lake in SC. They also have one of Bosley's sons from our one and only litter of Great Mountainees born on March 7, 2018. One of our first Great Pyrenees girls, Shiloh, was the mother to this litter sired by Bosley. 

We kept two girls from that litter. Our beautiful Peanut and Peaches. Peanut retired after a couple of litters, one of which ended in an emergency c-section. We have one of her daughters, our beautiful Becca as a F1 Great Mountainees Doodle. We also kept Fancy from a litter from Peaches. The sire is our handsome tri-colored Standard Poodle, Gibbs. 

Until we have completed construction of our new website, please contact me at to direct you to photos of our current and past parents related to this breed.

We have a number of families with our F1 Great Mountainees Doodles and will be sharing their testimonies as acquired from our FB Group and direct contact within this website.

Thank you and God Bless!

Tina Law, Lawpdoodle K9 Manor

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