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Our Pyredoodle Story 

(Below written August 26, 2013) 

Many of our regular website visitors have known us from the beginning of our breeding program in January of 2008.   Our very first litter was a litter of AKC Standard Poodle puppies from our beloved Fanny and Bear, both now retired.  Hollister, our AKC Standard Poodle, is a grandson of our Fanny and Bear (also now retired).


In the beginning of our breeding program, our focus was on the wonderful Designer Breeds of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.  Following the acquisition of our beloved Hershey (retired and living with us) and our wonderful Winston (F1 Labradoodle and now retired), we had our first litter of Labradoodles in the early months of our business.  The following year in 2009, we were blessed with our first litter of Goldendoodles from our AKC Red Standard Poodle, Cherokee and our AKC Golden Retriever, Precious...both raised here with us from the time they were puppies.


We continued with our Labradoodles, with our main focus on Parti's (2 colors) and our 1st Generation Goldendoodles.  We only had 1 litter of 2nd Generation Goldendoodles. 


In 2009, we also happened upon the wonderful breed, the Sheepadoodle, which as our statements throughout our website with regard to our history of our Sheepadoodle Program indicate, we studied and built upon for two years. We were finally blessed with our first litter in May of 2011.  We have fallen completely in love with this wonderful Designer Breed, as have our customers.  In recent years, no doubt a testiment to the breed itself, Sheepadoodles have exploded in popularity.


Now for the BIG News!  Since we have decided to retire our Goldendoodle and Labradoodle program, we will be adding another breed we have carefully considered for some time.  I've talked myself into and out of them several times.  A dear breeder friend convinced me to finally "take the leap of faith" and fulfill my desire to try this new, very rare, and possibly upcoming wonderful Designer Breed.....The Pyredoodle!  A cross between the wonderful, very large breed (we DON'T breed mini's or smaller dogs...never have, never will)...The Great Pyrenese and the Standard Poodle.  Since the Great Pyrenese is a shedding breed, unlike the Old English Sheepdog, we will ultimately be working toward breeding F1B's as well.  We are very excited about our new venture, and hope you will share in our excitement.


We hope that you will support us in our new addition to our breeding program, and we are very excited to see what God has ahead for us.  We have been studying the Great Pyrenese breed, as we have done with all of our breeds, and believe with our vast experience of Doodle breeds, Pyredoodles will be a wonderful addition to our program. 

We thank you (especially our beloved "website stalkers") and we love all of you.  God Bless!  May you always put Him first!

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