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DOB JUNE 14, 2022

Price for Standard Poodles $1000

Well….not exactly our plans, but nature sometimes gets the better of all of us….no matter how well we try to manage it!

Hubby did mention that he caught Angel’s heat a bit late. This was to be her first eligible heat for breeding. However, he thought he caught her in time to move her in with her “intended” Old English Sheepdog male.

Upon birth of the puppies, it was quite clear not all of the puppies, if any of them, had OES in their genetics. Nope. It was quite obvious based on coloring the puppies were from our Grant, AKC Standard Poodle, who she had been with before being moved in with Bash, one of our two male Old English Sheepdogs.

Although we are quite certain who the “dad” actually is for each of these puppies, we have already obtained a proof of Parentage DNA kit to test each and every puppy. As Standard Poodles, they are eligible for AKC Registration.

Meanwhile, Angel and Grant did not disappoint!!! As a matter of fact, one of the males we have named “Ty” will be staying with Lawpdoodle as well as his sister, Tessie.




Angel - AKC Standard Poodle

Light Brown & White Parti


Grant - AKC Standard Poodle

Silver Merle Parti

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